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Sprit and Ideas of Guangzhou Fortune Power Co., Ltd.
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Employees must be the most excellent staff, the enterprise must is the most excellent enterprise, the product must be the most outstanding products, management must be the most reasonable management.

Fine god rigorous, pragmatic, innovation and dedication.

Richard want to lead, first-class, the better.

Eye standard do industrial giant, let business all over the globe.

Development thought run industries, create wealth and realize the self, and benefit the society.

General management, combined with reference to the international situation, adaptation, favorable development.

Management mechanism, layered management decision on the leadership system; Performance of priority, encourage competition incentive mechanism; A head, a dragon, integrated operation mechanism

The management goal everyone doing anything, everything someone tube, Labour has finally in charge.

Management features the full implementation of the "dynamic innovation management," in the dynamic development, innovation in in winning.

Management measures 1. Immediate action, be as soon as possible; 2. Standing type service, bear the ultimate responsibility; 3. Use 20/80 law training top player; 4. Learn to think a little harder, walk first one step, again ask a word.

Management alarm bells

Decision error is the enterprise the biggest disaster.

Staff training

Mark must strengthen the concept; Improve quality; Exquisite skill, and developing intelligence; Improve the understanding; Towards the peak.

Training program face reality, victory over self, straightening out relations, reasonable goal-setting, accept the standard, starting from scratch, into the role, to success.

The mode of operation of operational technology-technology in hand, from the market, production social cooperation

Public relations strategy increase in quality, and the model of image, two-way propulsion, advocating famous.

Not only the direction of qualification contribute, not only level of ability, not only the title of competent, not only of diploma level.

Employing standard character, action quick, strong sense of responsibility; Capable, obey, the intimate.

Work attitude go all out, and create a perfect.

Assessment based on with the least amount of people, the shortest time, most of the cost of the province, the best method, be the best of things; Reduce the link, and to pay attention to the performance, the pursuit of again province 1:00, a bit better.

The greeting yesterday, thank you for your support! Tomorrow, need more to your love!

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